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【June】 5500 yen → 5000 yen ■ Yayoi pig course (14 items 9 items) 2H Drinking and drinking! Yayoi pig's shabushabu ◎

【June】 5500 yen → 5000 yen ■ Yayoi pig course (14 items 9 items) 2H Drinking and drinking! Yayoi pig's shabushabu ◎

By using a coupon5000 Yen

  • 14items
  • 2200persons
All-you-can-drink available

【All-you-can-drink premium all-you-can-eat drinks premium malt ♪ In addition, variety of shochu and sake are abundant!

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the desired date of the day 17

Hayama-cho boasts of Yayoi pig's shabu-shabu is this main summer crisp course! Please use it for the banquet which can not be removed!

Course menu


You can choose from a pot or without a pot ♪


【Region】 Ruby tofu of Itoshima Blue pepper miso of Matsushima


Black tea duck smoked citrus

Kagoshima specialty Satsuma fried fried

Broiled bamboo leaves of Hakata mentaiko

【Sashimi】 Today's figure and 3 kinds of fresh fish directly sent to Nagahama fish market

[Frozen] Fukuoka Yayo pig's cold shabu salad


Blooming tempura flower salt

Shintake eggplant miso fried spring roll

【Cooking】 Seasonal fish Ayu salted grilled shrimp

【Nabe】 Yayoi pig's onion with shabu-shabu or water cooked

【Nabe Tsutomu】 Champon or Miscellaneous Cooking

【Sweet taste】 Matcha roll cake

◆ In the case of no pot is the following contents ◆

【Main dish】 Hakusan cho Yayoi pig Yaketon

【Rice】 Today's meat sushi

«Shiroya's Farewell Accommodation Benefits»

· Surprise for those who are leading protagonists ♪ Special message plate gifts

«Choose Banquet Benefits (Combined with Bonus Farewell Awards OK»

· 1 person for 10 people or more, 2 people for 30 people or more, 3 people free for 50 people ♪

· All-you-can-drink hours are extended from 2 hours to 3 hours

※ It may not be possible to accept all-you-can-drink three hours depending on the reservation situation.Please note

«Course options»

· + 500 yen courses with pot are upgraded to "Anko Nabe"

· Upgrade the sashimi to "Kimono" at + 500 yen

All-you-can-drink menu

· Premium Malt / Barley / Cassisvia / Shandigafu / Yuzu Bear
· Jim Beam High Ball / Ginger High Ball / Cork High Ball / Yuzu Hi Ball / Kyoho High Ball / White Peach Oroshi Hi Ball
· 【Potato】 Black Kirishima / Isa Nishiki / Black Isa Nishiki / Nishi Dengaku / Hakata Beauty Black Koji 【Wheat】 Nishido / Ryosaku Kita / Koyoshiro Hakata Ginjo Shine / Haruka Hakata 【Rice】 Shiratake / White Water / Ginnosuke 【Sesame】 Red Maiden
· Oki-Dori's dry 1st 2 · 2 Forest / Hakata no Mori Super dry dry rice liquor 1
· Lemon / lime / Calpis / giant peak / white peach / yuzu / oolong
- Tipsy
· White sour / cider sour / yuzu sour
·plum wine
·plum wine
- Glass of wine red / white
Cocktail (cassis)
Cassis orange / Cassis grapefruit / Cassis Oolong / cassis soda
Cocktail (peach)
· Fuzzy group / Peach soda / Peach ginger / Peach oolong
· Cocktail (Lychee)
· Lychee Orange / Lychee Orange Grape / Raischi Soda / Lychee Ginger
Cocktail (gin)
· Gin Tonic / Jim Buck / Orange Blossom / Jin Ricky
Cocktail (vodka)
· Moscow Commander / Bulldog / Vodka Tonic / Screwdriver
·Soft drink
Oolong tea / Coca-Cola / Orange juice / Grapefruit juice / Ginger ale / Tonic water / Calpis / Real gold

2018/06/19 update