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【July】 4500 yen → 4000 yen ■ Hakata course (11 items 10 items) 2H Drinking and drinking! Fukuoka ingredients in the best recipe

【July】 4500 yen → 4000 yen ■ Hakata course (11 items 10 items) 2H Drinking and drinking! Fukuoka ingredients in the best recipe

4000 yen

  • 11items
  • 2200persons
All-you-can-drink available

Standard all-you-can-drink

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 16 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Recommended course of the shop where Fukuoka specialty gathered! Volume perfect course such as pot you can choose (pot with water cooked)

Course menu


You can choose from a pot or without a pot ♪


【Regional】 Boiled Fukuoka local cuisine

【Appetizer】 Homemade fried fried Fukuoka blue pepper miso

【Broiled】 Broiled chicken with charcoal gravy Grilled ginger

【Sashimi】 Nagahama fish market directly Sending raw fish sashimi 2 kinds

[Cold vegetables] colored vegetables salad roast sesame dressing


Hakata cooked winter fried chicken 檸檬

Shintake eggplant miso fried spring roll

【Excellent】 Miso simmered skewers

【Pot】 Tangled pot or water cooked

【Nabe Tsutomu】 Champon or Miscellaneous Cooking

【Sweetness】 Summer color Hit mango cake

◆ In the case of no pot is the following contents ◆

【Main dish】 Charcoal grilled iron plate of Hakata Ichibanaru

【Rice】 Fried rice with Akuta Takanaka

«Shiroya's Farewell Accommodation Benefits»

· Surprise for those who are leading protagonists ♪ Special message plate gifts

«Choose Banquet Benefits (Combined with Bonus Farewell Awards OK»

· 1 person for 10 people or more, 2 people for 30 people or more, 3 people free for 50 people ♪

· All-you-can-drink hours are extended from 2 hours to 3 hours

※ It may not be possible to accept all-you-can-drink three hours depending on the reservation situation.Please note

«Course options»

· All-you-can-drink plans are upgraded at + 500 yen! Start with premium malts, content of contentment ♪

· + 500 yen courses with pot are upgraded to "Anko Nabe"

· Upgrade the sashimi to "Kimono" at + 500 yen

All-you-can-drink menu

· Barley / Cassisvia / Shandigafu / Yuzu beer
· Jim Beam High Ball / Ginger High Ball / Cork High Ball / Yuzu Hi Ball / Kyoho High Ball / White Peach Oroshi Hi Ball
· Wheat / potato / rice
· 1/2
· Lemon / lime / mango / giant peak / white peach / yuzu / oolong
- Tipsy
· White sour / cider sour / yuzu sour
·plum wine
·plum wine
- Glass of wine red / white
Cocktail (cassis)
· Cassis Orange / Cassis grapefruit / Cassis oolong
Cocktail (peach)
· Fuzzy group / Peach soda / Peach ginger / Peach oolong
· Cocktail (Lychee)
· Lychee Orange / Lychee Orange Grape / Raischi Soda / Lychee Ginger
·Soft drink
Oolong tea / Coca-Cola / Orange juice / Grapefruit juice / Ginger ale / Tonic water / Calpis

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