もつ鍋とごま鯖が自慢の居酒屋個室 博多郷土料理 しろ屋(しろや) 博多駅筑紫口店


  • Address
    福岡県福岡市博多区博多駅東2-1-24 ギャラリー博多6F
  • Access
    One minute on foot from Hakata Station Chikushi mouth.Izakaya delicious with hot pots and seafood dishes with Hakata specialties.It is possible to party up to 200 people.All rooms are fully private.
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
    Monday to Sunday, Public Holiday, Day before Public Holiday: 17: 00 - 0:00 (Cooking LO 23: 00 Drink LO 23: 30)
    You can easily enjoy the authentic Hakata taste such as hot pot and yakitori.All-you-can-drink banquet course that is most suitable for various banquets is 3500 yen ~! All-you-can-drink All-you-can-eat is now discounted to 1000 yen with coupon use ♪ If you are looking for a pub in Hakata, please use our shop.
  • Regular holiday
    A 1-minute walk from Hakata Station Chikushi mouth, a private tavern that can taste the deliciousness of Hakata such as a pot with a pot.We can accommodate up to 200 people ◎ We also have a large group party!